Marlin Dev & Community Updates – December 2019

Hey Everyone!

Happy Holidays! It’s work as usual at Marlin. 


# net.cpp
- Better interfaces and APIs
- Truncate and expand operations on Buffer
- Bug and memory leak fixes

# beacon.cpp
- Identity and public key discovery
- Bug and memory leak fixes

# stream.cpp
- State machine bug fixes
- Add flushing mechanism to skip over stream
- Key discovery
- Cryptography - Key exchange, Encryption/Decryption
- Bug and memory leak fixes

# lpf.cpp
- Cut through routing
- SFINAE magic
- Integrate with key discovery and stream flushing
- Bug and memory leak fixes

# pubsub.cpp
- Heartbeats
- Cut-through routing
- Membership tracking
- Witness mechanism framework

# relay.cpp
- Master slave arch

# Docs/Specs
- Spam prevention
- Peer selection
- Payments

- Go SDK

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