Marlin woos Vu who joins us as a Researcher

It’s been a crazy 2020 and amidst all the chaos, we’ve made another great addition to Marlin!

We’re excited to have Vu contribute as a Researcher. He joins Prateek, Prateesh and Roshan and will be helping with the research and design of the crypto economic models behind the protocol.

“Marlin is an exciting concept that is rethinking a core but often overlooked part of blockchain infrastructures - the networking layer. It is great to be a part of this effort to potentially rebuild a fundamental building block of the blockchain stack.” – Vu Nguyen, Researcher, Marlin Protocol

Vu is no stranger to the blockchain and crypto space either. He designed and built the smart contract system at DigixDAO, which held roughly USD 60 million at its peak. It was designed with reputation systems and crypto-economic mechanisms to reward participation and minimise potential exploitation using on-chain or off-chain methods. This included on-chain governance to change the configs of the system itself, as well as upgrade mechanisms to upgrade DigixDAO’s contracts.

Vu has also written an extensive article featured on Hackernoon about The State of the DAOs. He also enjoys building projects as a hobby and along with two other friends, they built b.lock, a blockchain-powered password manager that is always available and does not rely on any central party to operate.

Vu’s innate ability to think about adversarial scenarios and vast experience in designing cheat proof crypto-economic mechanisms and upgradeable smart contracts that have secured millions in ETH is a significant addition to the design of a base layer protocol like Marlin.

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