Govern it,
it's yours!

Pond DAO relinquishes to the community ownership over a sustainable layer 0

# Discuss + Act

Dual token model

Marlin adopts a dual token model to separate the responsibilities of enacting policies from administering them just like the control and data plane of a software-defined network

Work token: LIN

LIN is staked to join the Marlin network and rewarded or penalized for operating the relay network in accord with the protocol

Governance token: POND

POND is required to propose and vote on governance decisions that regulate Marlin including LIN and POND itself

Bonding curve

Conversion from LIN to POND is regulated by a bonding curve to ensure POND is minted judiciously to govern the LIN economy

What does governance entail?

POND holders determine LIN distribution amongst different blockchains

  • Propose

    Anyone with 1% of the POND supply may table new proposals

  • Deliberate

    Sufficient standby period is allocated for a wholesome debate

  • Vote

    Changes require majority votes with ample participation


To ensure layer 1 platform communities have a say on an ubiquitous layer 0 network, a significant supply of both LIN and POND has been allocated towards ecosystem growth

Bandwidth farming

The most integral actors of any protocol, LIN is distributed amongst operators that provide services within the network


Both LIN and POND are distributed to layer 1 token holders against tokens locked in timelock contracts

Liquidity mining

POND is distributed amongst communities enthusiastic about experimenting with novel governance mechanisms

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